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  • In this article, you will learn about the concept of Xbox Rest Mode and what are its benefits.
  • You will also learn the differences between Xbox in Rest Mode and Turn Off.
  • A complete step-by-step procedure is shared on how to put Xbox in Rest Mode and exit it.
  • This comprehensive guide also sheds some light on how to customise Rest Mode settings in Xbox and use it effectively.
  • Some alternatives to Rest Mode are also included with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Xbox Rest Mode Explained

As the name shows, Rest mode in Xbox serves the same purpose as it is on other gadgets. In simple words, it is a feature of Xbox that allows you to improve your gaming experience on the console. It provides convenience and efficiency and without turning off your Xbox, you can turn it into a power-saving mode. All this is possible without going completely offline, thanks to the Rest mode design of the Xbox.

Not every Xbox user is familiar with Rest mode, some think of it as a sleep mode. But it is much more than that.

Let’s explore what benefits it provides along with its features. 

Features And Benefits Of Putting Xbox In Rest Mode

Quick Resume

It is one of the remarkable Rest Mode features in Xbox. Quick Resume feature offers you a way to pause a game, switch to another title or activity, and then return to your game precisely where you left off. This feature eliminates the lengthy loading screens that you have to endure every time you start your Xbox. It’s like having a gaming time machine.

Quicker Start-Ups

As mentioned earlier about Rest mode efficiency, the speedy start-ups quickly take you to the game you left before. These are quicker boot-up times, so you don’t have to go through a cold start over and over again. Your game is just a button-press away.

Background downloads

If you’re tired of waiting for game downloads or updates? This is where Rest Mode comes into play. It lets your console continue these processes while it rests, ensuring you’re always ready to play when you return.

Automatic Updates

Say goodbye to all the manual updates. Rest mode in Xbox keeps it up to date with the latest system and game patches without even bothering you. It’s a great way to hassle-free gaming.

Performance and energy efficiency

Along with all the convenience Rest mode offers, it is also efficient in terms of performance and power. It consumes less power compared to keeping your Xbox running, contributing to energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Is Rest Mode Different From Turning Off The Xbox?

If you are confused about these modes saying Rest mode, sleep mode, power-saving mode, or turn off, you’re at the right place. 

Rest mode in Xbox takes your console into a hybrid state between powered-on and powered-off, combining elements of both to provide a different experience. 

However, the power-saving mode is the same as Rest mode as whenever you put your Xbox in Rest Mode, it enters a low-power state while preserving essential functionalities like background downloads, updates, and others.

On the other hand, when you opt to turn off your Xbox, you’re shutting down the system entirely. Powering off your Xbox closes all running applications, ends background processes, and fully disconnects from the internet.

When referring to Sleep mode, it is mostly associated with PCs and laptops, It is more like the Rest mode which maintains low power consumption. However, it may lack the gaming-specific features of Xbox’s Rest Mode.

How To Put Xbox in Rest Mode? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Step 1. Turn on the Xbox

First of all, you need to turn on the Xbox. This action ensures that your console chooses for sleep mode rather than a full shutdown.

Step 2. Press the Xbox button on your controller

While in a game or app, press the Xbox button on your controller to access the Guide. Upon activation, a menu will appear, granting you swift access to essential console functions. However, to reach “Profile & System,” you must scroll entirely to the right.

Step 3. Navigate to the power options

Select Profile & System > Settings > General > Power options.

Step 4. Choose ‘Turn off or restart’

Under Power & System, select the “Turn off or restart” option.

Step 5. Select Rest Mode

You’ll be presented with two options: ‘Instant-On’ and ‘Sleep.’ Choose ‘Instant-On’ for a faster wake-up experience or ‘Sleep’ for maximum power savings.

Step 6. Confirm

Confirm your selection, and voilà, your Xbox enters Rest Mode.

How to Exit Rest Mode on Xbox One?

The Rest Mode in Xbox is one of the amazing features that helps you resume your gaming sessions without any problems.

However, there might be instances when you want to exit Rest Mode and get back to your gaming action or other activities. Earlier we discussed how to put Xbox in Rest mode, now we’ll show you how to exit this mode.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you exit Rest Mode on Xbox:

1. Press the Xbox Button on your Xbox Controller

You need to press the Xbox button located at the centre top of your controller. It will wake up your console from the Rest mode.

2. Head to the Home Screen

Once your Xbox is up and running, you need to go to the Home screen for further actions. A home screen in Xbox provides you with a central hub to access a lot of features and functions.

3. Select from two options “Resume Gaming” or “Choose an Activity”

  • Resume Gaming

If you left your Xbox in the middle of your gaming session, this option will take you exactly to where you left the game. It indicates that your game was in suspended state and by just selecting the game, you can continue from where you left off your game.

  • Explore Other Activities

This option will take you to other activities like streaming, browsing, or using apps. All you have to do is navigate to the respective icons on the Home screen and select the one you desire.

4. Confirm

After choosing either of the options, resume your game or explore other activities, you’re ready to enjoy your Xbox One as usual. It is now in Active Mode.

Smooth Transition Tips For You

  • Keep your controller near you always: If your controller is nearby then it makes it easier to wake up your console and jump back into gaming real quick.
  • Turn on Instant-On mode: Make sure your Xbox One is set to Instant-On mode in the power settings in order to make exiting Rest Mode even quicker.

How To Customise Rest Mode Settings?

Customizing Rest Mode settings on your Xbox offers you the flexibility to create a gaming experience that aligns with your preferences.

Here’s how you can access Rest mode settings in your Xbox. Follow the above procedure till Step 3 in the section: How To Put Xbox in Rest Mode? (Step-by-Step Guide).

Then, navigate to the “Power & Startup” section. This is where you’ll find the customization options for Rest Mode. Now, select ‘Power mode & Startup’. Within the “Power & Startup” section, select “Power mode & startup.” This is the hub for configuring Rest Mode settings.

Let’s explore the range of options to personalize your Rest Mode experience. These may include: 

  • Power Mode 

Choose between “Instant-On” and “Energy-saving” modes. “Instant-On” offers a quicker wake-up time but consumes more power, while “Energy-saving” conserves energy but has a longer start-up time. 

  • When Xbox is off, turn off the storage

You can choose whether you want your external storage devices to turn off when the Xbox is off, helping you manage power consumption. 

  • Keep my console, games & apps up to date

Enable or disable automatic updates during Rest Mode. Keeping this option on ensures your console and games are always up-to-date. 

  • Wake up Xbox by saying “Hey Cortana”

If you use voice commands, you can enable or disable this feature here.

Save Your Changes

After customizing your Rest Mode settings according to your preferences, don’t forget to save your changes. This ensures that your Xbox operates precisely as you’ve configured it.

Using Xbox Rest Mode Effectively

There are several to optimise your Xbox’s Rest Mode for better efficiency and performance.

Here’s how to use the full potential of Rest Mode,

Schedule The Updates

You’re able to use the ability to schedule updates during off-peak hours. It makes sure that your gaming time is uninterrupted.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re eco-conscious, Rest Mode is an energy-efficient choice as it consumes less power than leaving your Xbox on.

Background Downloads

You can take advantage of Rest Mode’s background downloading feature to have games and updates ready when you’re ready to play.

Some Alternatives to Rest Mode

While Xbox Rest Mode offers several advantages for gamers, it’s not the only power management option you have. 

Here are some alternatives to Rest Mode,

1. Energy-Saving Mode

Energy-Saving Mode, sometimes referred to as Power-Saving Mode, is a straightforward alternative to Rest Mode. When you choose this option, your Xbox effectively powers down. It conserves more energy than Rest Mode but lacks specific gaming features like Quick Resume.

2. Full Shutdown

Full shutdown is the most energy-efficient choice. It completely turns off your Xbox. With this mode, no background processes or power consumption is taking place. This is ideal when you know you won’t be using your console for an extended period.

3. Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode on Xbox shares similarities with Rest Mode but may vary in functionality depending on the console generation. It typically consumes less power than full operation and maintains certain background processes. However, it may not offer the gaming-specific features of Rest Mode.

4. Hibernation Mode

Hibernation Mode, often associated with PCs, is similar to Sleep Mode but takes energy efficiency a step further. It saves the current system state to disk and powers down almost completely, conserving the most power. However, it may have longer wake-up times.

5. Instant-On Mode

Instant-On Mode is an alternative that resembles Rest Mode in some aspects. It provides quicker start-up times and can download updates in the background, akin to Rest Mode. However, it may consume more power than traditional power-saving options.

6. Custom Power Settings

Xbox consoles often allow for customized power settings. You can tweak settings related to auto-shutdown timers, background downloads, and system updates, tailoring your console’s behaviour to your preferences.


Putting your Xbox into Rest Mode offers several benefits. For example, it provides quick game resumption with Quick Resume to automatic updates and background downloads. Whether you prioritize convenience, energy efficiency, or both, this amazing feature of Xbox allows you to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences. And for those seeking lightning-fast performance without concerns about energy consumption, the Xbox’s Instant-On Sleep Mode provides the speed you desire. 

Now that you’ve learnt the way to put your Xbox in Rest Mode, you can easily minimise load times or reduce your carbon footprint, the power is now in your hands!


Is it possible to Put Xbox IN Rest Mode downloading?

Yes, you can initiate Rest Mode while downloading on your Xbox with these simple steps. Start by selecting “Settings” on your Xbox. Go to the “Power and Startup” option. Within this menu, you can configure your Xbox to employ standby mode when you power it down. Choose for the “Instant-On Power Mode” setting. This mode keeps your Xbox One in standby mode, allowing it to continue downloads and updates even when the console is turned off.

Are there any drawbacks to using Rest Mode for your Xbox?

Rest Mode on Xbox offers many benefits, but it can lead to increased power consumption compared to powering off entirely along with slow start-ups sometimes. This might impact your electricity bill and environmental footprint.

What steps can I take if my Xbox does not go into Rest Mode?

If your Xbox refuses to enter Rest Mode, consider checking for background downloads, ensuring your power settings are configured correctly, and trying a console restart. If the issue persists, consult Xbox support for further assistance.


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