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  • This article will explore the significance of the Xbox dashboard along with the updates related to the dashboard.
  • You will also learn the reasons why gamers want a new Xbox dashboard and what it will look like.
  • We will also share some screenshots of the new Xbox dashboard and discuss the evolution of Xbox dashboard updates.
  • An easy manual with step-by-step procedure is also shared for different methods of getting a new Xbox dashboard.
  • Finally, we share user experiences and their say about the new Xbox dashboard.

Microsoft never fails to amaze its Xbox users with its latest releases and updates. Some people don’t even want to wait for an official release, instead, they want to try out new features as soon as possible. Not because they get bored but because they always look for something new that Xbox has to offer.

This article will discuss everything about the new Xbox dashboard and how you can get it.

Let’s get started!

Xbox Dashboard

This is what an Xbox dashboard looks like. It completely changes the appearance of your Xbox interface. Over the years, Microsoft released several new Xbox dashboard versions after listening to its user’s feedback to make their experience more smooth.  

Let’s see what you can do on an Xbox dashboard.

  • Xbox Dashboard is a must as it is a central hub to access all the things on a console.
  • Xbox dashboard allows you to navigate through different categories like library, Search bar, Settings, etc.
  • You can set your own background images on the Xbox dashboard to make it look like you want.
  • Xbox dashboard can match your Xbox theme to make it more familiar during gaming sessions.
  • You can star or pin your favourite titles and they will show directly on the dashboard so you don’t have to search them every time.
  • Xbox dashboard improves the user experience to a great extent by providing a centralized personal space to its users.

Why Do You Need a New Xbox Dashboard?

If there aren’t any specific reasons behind the wish to get the new dashboard, you need it to keep up with the updates.

However, the following are some of the reasons why you want the new Xbox dashboard.

  • Some users do not want to miss any updates on Xbox.
  • You want a fresh look for your console.
  • Updated or new dashboards of Xbox usually have more features.
  • New Xbox dashboards are dedicated to improving user experience so every user wants it anyway.
  • Some users get bored of the old interface and want to try out something new.
  • The new dashboard is based on users’ feedback so it surely has some improvement from the old one.
  • You want to customise your dashboard and the new dashboard allows you to do that.

The main purpose of a new dashboard for Xbox is to provide users the ease of navigating through the console. This makes it easy for you to complete the action you want to take, and how satisfied you are with the overall experience. In short summary, the latest Xbox dashboard will give you more room to show off custom backgrounds or game art, quicker navigation options, and more personalization options.

The New Xbox Dashboard

This isn’t the first time Microsoft listened to its users’ feedback and released a better version of the Xbox dashboard. Since the Xbox release, we have seen some major changes in the Home Screen of the console. 

The new Xbox dashboard is available on all Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles. It is rolling out in phases so you need to wait or read on to learn how to get the new Xbox dashboard.

First, let’s discuss what’s different in this new Xbox dashboard.

  • With the new Xbox dashboard, you can easily go to your Library, the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, Search, and Settings. This is because of the feature named Quick Access Menu, located at the very top of your Home.
  • It made things a lot more simplified so you can choose your personalized backgrounds. You will see your recently played games and other content at the bottom of the screen making it easier to organise.
  • It allows you to set the background related to the game you’re playing. This cool option can reflect the game you’re currently highlighting in your recently played list on your dashboard.
  • It also includes a list of games curated and personalized for you so you can easily choose from your favourite titles.
  • The new Xbox dashboard allows you to pin your all-time favourite games, create curated groups, and even add system groups like Quick Resume to your Home.
  • Now, you don’t have to go specifically to the community centre to check on the updates. You will get it on your dashboard with Friends & Community Updates.
  • You will have access to several other entertainment apps on your Xbox dashboard. Now listening to your Spotify list is a breeze.

How To Get New Xbox Dashboard 2023

If you want to try out the new Xbox dashboard, the best way is to wait till its official release date. This will ensure that you will get the update without any bugs or errors. Still, if you can’t wait to try out this new dashboard, there are several ways to get it.

Check For The Updates On Your Xbox Console (Manually)

The best thing about the new Xbox dashboard is that it comes with an update. You don’t have to search specifically for the dashboard. It releases on your Xbox when out for downloading. If the latest version of the new Xbox dashboard has already been released, you need to check for the updates on your Xbox console. 

Follow the below steps to check for the updates on your Xbox.

Step 1. First of all, you need to go to your Xbox Home screen.

Step 2. Now, open the “Settings” to open the updates menu.

Step 3. Go to the “System” section. It is the command centre for all things Xbox.

Step 4. In the System section, find the option of “Updates & downloads”.

Step 5. If a new dashboard is released and you haven’t gotten it yet, you will see a message saying “New dashboard available”.

Step 6. Start the process by selecting “Download and install” and your new dashboard is onboard.

NOTE: After downloading and installing, you will be prompted to restart your console to see the changes to the new Xbox dashboard.

Set Your Xbox To Automatic Updates

This method of getting a New Xbox Dashboard is quite simple and straightforward. You don’t have to do the manual update of your Xbox if you have this option already turned on. 

If you don’t have your new Xbox dashboard after its release then you should check if you set your Xbox to automatic updates.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set your Xbox to automatic updates.

Step 1. Start from the Home Screen of your console.

Step 2. Go to “Settings” to find the option of updates.

Step 3. Choose the option of “System” to find the updates related to the system.

Step 4. Now, select “Updates & downloads” in the System menu.

Step 5. Find the option “Console update available”. Toggle on “Keep my console up to date”.

Perfect! Now your Xbox will automatically update and you will have the new dashboard whenever available.

Xbox Insider Program

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the official release, then the Xbox Insider Program is for you. If you sign up for the Xbox Insider Program then you will get instant early access to the new Xbox Home Screen.

The Xbox Insider Program is a platform for Xbox users who can participate in giving feedback on the latest releases. The members of the Xbox Insider Program can have early access to all the releases so that they can try and provide feedback.

Here’s how you can join the Xbox Insider Program to get your hands early on the latest releases.

Step 1. Go to the official Microsoft Store on your Xbox.

Step 2. Search the app of the Insider Program. Now, download and install the app.

Step 3. Launch the Xbox Insider App on your console

Step 4. Go to the “Preview” section in the app.

Step 5. Under “Available” click on “Xbox Insider Preview”.

Step 6. You need to pick your Preview group from there and then hit “Continue” to register in the program.

Step 7. Give it some time to process, it’ll take around 60 minutes.

Step 8. Once done, follow the above-shared steps for the update to get the new Xbox Dashboard to your Xbox.

What Users Say About The New Xbox Dashboard?

Like every other update of Xbox, there are kind of mixed reviews. Users shared that it is still a good update as it improved their experience. People often complained about the size of the app’s icons and tiles as it comes in the way of background images. The new Xbox dashboard features smaller and lowered tiles means that you can actively see the entire background you have selected for your console.

The new Xbox dashboard is an impressive advancement compared to the previous one but still, it is not perfect. There’s a small delay with a black screen while shifting from SDR to HDR which can be annoying at times. 

Some of the fixes that user still want from the new dashboard:

  • Lack of customization
  • Unwanted game ads
  • The “Most played games” tab shows popular Xbox games, not personal favourites
  • No response from the Xbox support team

However, most of the users are happy with the user experience using this new dashboard.

Do you think that the issues will get resolved or you will see a new dashboard after some time with fixes? Let us know in the comment section below.


Microsoft takes Xbox users seriously enough to provide updates on a regular basis. Whatever you offer, there’s always room for improvement. No doubt this new dashboard has seen several improvements over the last one. To summarize the comparison, the new Xbox dashboard is not so different from the old Xbox dashboard that you will get lost, but not so similar that you feel like there was no effort put into it. However, the sizes of icons and tiles give a new life to the dynamic backgrounds.  

This article shared all the methods (Manual & Automatic) to get the new Xbox dashboard. The process is simple and requires a little technical knowledge. Stay tuned with cheapxboxlivecodes to learn about amazing Xbox features. We also share news and amazing deals and discounts. You can use any method that you see fit and do not forget to join the Insider Program to enjoy early access to all Xbox features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get new Xbox dashboard on Xbox One?

The process of getting new Xbox dashboard is the same for all Xbox series. You need to go to your Xbox Home screen. Open the “Settings” to open the updates menu. Go to the “System” section. It is the command centre for all things Xbox. In the System section, find the option of “Updates & downloads“. If a new dashboard is released and you haven’t gotten it yet, you will see a message saying “New dashboard available“.Start the process by selecting “Download and install” and your new dashboard is onboard.

What if I don’t receive the new Xbox dashboard?

The new dashboard update on Xbox comes in phases. It means that it will roll out to some subsets of the Xbox series. Some users have to wait a little more to get the new Xbox dashboard Update. 

Can I go back to old dashboard from new Xbox dashboard?

No, it’s not possible. Please remember that once you perform the dashboard updates, there is no way to revert it.

When will Xbox have a new dashboard?

There’s no specific shared by Microsoft. The last update for the dashboard was in July 2023. Maybe we have to wait till next year to see an update for the Home Screen. 


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