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  • This guide will tell about the basics of Xbox Game Bar, its purpose for gaming, benefits, and why you need if for PC gaming.
  • It also explores the features and all the functionalities of the Xbox Game Bar.
  • The method of getting Game Bar download on PC with simple steps is also shared.
  • You will also learn how Game Bar works on different Windows versions and how you can optimise the performance.
  • In the end, some tips for streamers and content creators are discussed so everyone can enjoy this feature to its fullest.

Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is known as a centralized platform for Xbox users. It was initially launched by Microsoft in 2015 to provide a gaming overlay to its users on PC. The main purpose of introducing Game Bar to PC is to offer you a better and improved gaming experience on PC. It’s here to deal with the diverse kinds of needs of PC gamers. 

Over the years, Xbox Game Bar has undergone several updates. Now, it is not only an overlay but a complete social feature integrated into the Windows ecosystem. It is a complete package where you can start screen recording and see your system performance in real time 

All your gaming sessions and moments become smooth as Game Bar provides social interaction, system monitoring, and screen recording in one place.

Xbox Game Bar on PC means integrating gaming seamlessly into your Windows environment. You will have many features which include screen recording. Social connectivity and managing the performance metrics are other things as well.

Features and Functionalities of Xbox Game Bar

Integration With Windows

With this Game bar you are allowed to access the compact gaming experience from your PC. The Xbox Game Bar is easy to integrate into Windows 10 so you can directly open that gaming overlay from your desktop.

Performance Metrics Display

All your system performance is showing on one screen. You’re able to check the CPU, GPU, and RAM usage in real-time. This way you can optimise your overall system performance

Overlay Access

With the “Win + G” command, you can open the overlay on your desktop. Use it during the gameplay sessions.

Social Profiles Connections

The Xbox Game Bar on PC offers you the ability to connect your social profiles. You can chat with friends and other gamers. You can even send screenshots, videos, and voice chat with them. Your game tabs will not close by doing so.

One-Click Screen Recording

With Game Bar, you don’t need to close your game tabs to start recording your screen. You just have to click the recording button from the overlay and the recording will start immediately. It will instantly save on your PC. 

Resource Allocation

When you can track which applications are using how much resources, you can easily optimise your system performance. You can manage the resources allocation with Game Bar to make your games lag-free.

Game Mode

With dedicated Game Mode, you can enjoy gaming performance at its peak. The Game Mode activation of Game Bar on PC allows you to allocate all your resources to the games and shutting down all the background running resource consuming apps.

Editiing Options

You will get basic editing tools and options directly on your Game Bar overlay. So, whenever you capture your gaming moments, you can edit and send them directly from the Bar.

Custom Hotkeys

By setting hotkeys, you can improve your experience. With these custom set hotkeys, you are capable of quick execution of commands during gameplay.

How You Can Get Xbox Game Bar On PC?

Step 1. Check Requirements for download

First of all, check your Game Bar system requirements. You need to make sure that your PC meets the specific system requirements to start the downloading and installation process.

Step 2. Check Windows Compatibiltiy

Please note that some Windows versions do not support Game Bar. So, before going for the download make sure you have a compatible Windows version. You also have to run system updates to get the supported version.

Here’re the following Windows 10 versions that support the Game Bar.

VersionsSupport Or Not
1903 (19H1)requires Windows update
1909 (19H2)requires Windows update
2004 (20H1)Support

Step 3. Open Microsoft Store 

Go to the Microsoft Store to download and install the Game Bar app. You will download the app like any other app from the store.

Step 4. Install the App

Now, click ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ to start the downloading process. A message will appear that will ask about your confirmation/permission to download the app. Select it and then your downloading process will start immediately.

Step 5. Account Linking

Launch the app. Connect your Xbox/Microsoft account and configure the settings. You will see the overlay on your screen after enabling it. It will appear in every one of your gaming sessions. 

Xbox Game Bar on Different Windows Versions

It’s important to note that the Game Bar runs the best on Windows 10 and with all features. However, there are several missing features in other versions of the Windows. For Windows 8 and 8.1 users, the Game Bar is works fine but comes with limited features.

On the other hand, users on Windows 10 have complete Game Bar features.

How To Optimise Your PC Performance With Xbox Game Bar?

Please make sure both the Xbox and Gaming Services apps are up to date. You need to open the Microsoft Store app. Select Library from there. Under Updates & downloads, check if there are any updates available for the Xbox app or Gaming Services app.

If an update is available, select Update.

Maintenance of System

You need to perform disk cleanup and defragmentation regularly to maintain your system’s performance. Like every other device, the regular maintenance of your PC with Game Bar helps in faster and optimal performance.

Graphics Driver Updates

Updating video card drivers can resolve game crashes, improve frame rates, and improve overall game performance. For the best game performance, make sure your system’s video card drivers (or display adapter drivers) are up to date. Drivers are available on the support website for your computer manufacturer, or if your computer system is custom built, on the video card manufacturer’s support website.

In-Game Setting Adjustment

Xbox Game Bar allows you to adjust your in-game settings that suit your system performance and your needs. This way you will always get what you expect from your system for your gaming sessions. In-game settings such as Game Graphics Resolution, Frame per second, Brightness and other display settings, and etc.

Background Applications

As mentioned earlier, the Xbox Game Bar always allows you to keep track of your background applications. You can see which apps are using how much resources. You can terminate the background processes and apps that are taking too much of your system resources to get a smooth gaming experience.

Network Settings

For every type of online game, a fast internet connection is a must for lag-free gaming. High ping is a nightmare for every gamer. It also provides you with information to monitor the bandwidth usage of running applications. This allows you to troubleshoot your network issues. One of the best features of the Xbox Game Bar is that it also displays your network information such as Network speed, Latency, Packet loss, Jitter, Ping, and Connectivity.

Third-party apps

There are hundreds of third-party apps that you can integrate with the Xbox Game Bar to increase the overall system performance. With these apps, you can get more powerful performance monitoring tools, custom overlays, widgets, tuning graphics settings, audio input and output, and resource allocation to different apps. 

It also provides you with the ability to multitask even if default settings do not allow you to do so. However, please keep in mind that not all third-party apps are credible. So make sure you download the authentic apps only and integrate with your Game Bar.

Game Mode

Game mode is the most prime feature of the Xbox Game Bar on your PC. On Windows 10, it improves the system performance with allocating system resources and directing them towards your game. When Game mode is on, it fine-tunes various system settings. The best thing about the Xbox Game Bar Game mode is that it reduces the system latency which results in smooth gameplay on your desktop.

Additional Tips for Streamers and Content Creators

Streamers and content creators are more interested in using Game Bar because it greatly affects their gameplay and content. For example, if you’re a streamer, you need to make sure that your stream quality is good, your game is running at best, and your screen recording is working properly. Another good thing about Xbox Game Bar is that you can connect it with the most popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Starting streaming was very easy before the Xbox Game Bar. You can activate the “Broadcast” widget in it, select your streaming settings like video and audio quality, and go live with just a few clicks. 

When you’re streaming, you can see metrics such as FPS, system temperature, and network latency on your stream. Moreover, chat messages are showing on the overlay. You will also see recent subscribers, donation alerts, or chat messages on that overlay on your screen. 

The Xbox Game Bar also provides you with options of adjusting audio and volume settings. You can change your stream, voice, music, and game volume.

Wrapping Up

This guide is all about related to the Xbox Game Bar on PC. With the supported version of Windows 10, you can get Game Bar from Microsoft store. Talking about the store, we are delighted to share that our amazing ElectronicFirst store has an exceptional collection of software keys and every popular game at discounted prices. You’ll find AAA games that you can play using the Game Bar.

The dedicated game mode of Game Bar is a valuable tool to improve your system performance for your games. It is equally beneficial for streamers and casual gamers. The Xbox Game Bar main purpose is to optimise CPU and GPU performance while allocating more resources to the active game so your current gaming sessions are smooth. Game Bar acts as a comprehensive toolkit for everyone who wants to enjoy PC games.

Xbox Game Bar works well on Windows 11 as well as on some versions of Windows 8 but with some limitations.

In summary, Xbox Game Bar is a multipurpose, easy-to-use overlay that enhances PC gaming. There are so many advantages to adding an Game Bar to your PC that even your PC will thank you!


Can I Get Xbox Game Bar Download On Windows 11?

Ans. Yes, you can download and install the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11. Microsoft made the Game Bar more efficient for Windows 11.

Does Window 8 support the Xbox Game Bar?

Ans. Windows 8 and its other versions support the Xbox Game Bar but there are specific features that aren’t supported.

Where do I find saved files from the Xbox Game Bar?

Ans. You can find the saved files and recordings from the Game Bar on your PC. Head to My PC, find the folder in the left column named either “Captures” or Game DVR. Your saved files will be there.

Does the Xbox Game Bar work for offline games?

Ans. Yes, the Xbox Game Bar works for offline games too.

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