The 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

The Xbox Live Gold 12 month membership is available on our web store for an amazing 40% discount all year round. For the convenience of our customers, we will instantly email your Xbox Live Gold membership to you after you have paid using PayPal or Skrill. Save on your Gold memberships yearly by choosing Free monthly games along with exclusive benefits for Gold memberships make buying this card an easy choice for you and your loved ones. 

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is an online gaming platform created by Microsoft.
You can connect to Xbox Live through your Xbox Console (Xbox 360 or Xbox One).
In order to get the Xbox Live membership you must activate it on your console.
You must have a Microsoft email account such as Hotmail or Outlook.
Then with the login credentials of the email account, you can successfully create an Xbox Live profile.
Xbox Live is a very extensive online platform offering something for everyone.
You can download or rent movies, watch the latest on-demand programmes, and play a game against an online opponent from different parts of the world.

It has been considered a pioneering product of Microsoft that has changed online gaming and video gaming in general. Gone are the days when you play alone against the console, Xbox Live allows you to play against a person in real time providing you have high-speed internet. Internet speed will definitely affect the amount of quality time you can achieve with an Xbox Live membership.

Silver or Gold Membership?

The membership comes in Silver and Gold.
An Xbox Live Silver membership is a free service offered by Microsoft for Xbox 360 or Xbox One console owners. This level of membership allows you to do pretty much everything like downloading content from the Xbox Live marketplace, and watching Netflix and similar apps. You can also message your friends and have a friends list with your own unique profile that has an avatar that is customisable to your taste.
An Xbox Live Gold membership is the pass to the very best on this virtual platform. Along with all the benefits that the Silver membership has to offer, the Xbox Live Gold membership goes to the core of every gamer’s needs and it allows multi-player online gaming. That is the main difference between the two memberships, without online gaming available the Silver membership is pretty much useless to the hardcore and leisurely gamers alike.

Gold membership Cards offered by Xbox Live

The Xbox Live Gold membership is available directly through your console at the normal retail price which at the time of writing is around £39.99 on the UK dashboard and $59.99 on the US dashboard respectively. Our prices for the 12 Month Gold membership are always 35-40% cheaper than the retail price offered on the Xbox Live dashboard. We offer a variety of Xbox Live Gold memberships below I will give you the most common Gold membership’s cards we sell via email instant delivery.

1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
3 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

However please note that there are promotions throughout the year that may give you an extra 1 or 2 months Gold membership for free. 

You may also be interested in purchasing in-store currency for the Xbox Live platform, We also offer these Xbox Gift Cards that unlike the Gold membership are region locked. An important point to remember is that the Xbox Live Gold membership is on a worldwide platform, so no matter what country you are in, whether in the UK, US, Africa, or Europe our Gold membership cards will certainly work in your country.

To view all our current Gold memberships please click here.
To view all of our Xbox Live Gift Cards please click here.
Please bear in mind that the Xbox Gift cards are region-locked and will have the region and currency clearly labelled on them. 


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