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Manufacturers Description 

This points code allows you to download extra exclusive content from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Simply redeem this code in the Xbox Live Market Place for downloadable content, games, demos, trailers and more. Keep your gaming up to date with the latest downloads. Access unique content only for the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Market Place. A whole new world of gaming and entertainment awaits you with Xbox Live 360. Xbox Live has brought us out of our homes, and into a larger community, allowing us to communicate, on a different level, in a new arena. With all its features, Xbox Live has something for everyone, making it the premier service for online gaming. Xbox Live Gold members have a Multiplayer gameplay option. This is a system that can allow users to link up 4 Xbox’s to play together. A rating system that allows other players to vote for you; this reputation system will determine if players will prefer you or wish to avoid you. Achievement points, known as Gamerscores are given to players for their individual achievement there is also enhanced matchmaking using cumulative gamerscore, reputation, location/language profile, and gamer zoneVoice Chat allows users to chat with others, a headset is required for this, Xbox Live Gold members can take advantage of the 3+ player voice chat. Video Chat known as Live Vision is also an option, but a camera is required and also a headset for chattingPlayers are provided with a Friends list, which allows players to choose from a list of friends. Players are allowed to store up to 100 friends. There is also the option of a recent players list, which lists the last 50 friends a user has played with. Also, a section where an individual can list personal interests and their favourite links etc. A system in place that allows users to report another player who has broken the Xbox Live Terms of Use System for Parental control in place, the ‘Family Setting’ limits children’s exposure and gives parents peace of mind. Windows Live Messenger integration gives you access to the Xbox Live Marketplace content, including new game content.


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